The Nigeria COVID-19 Report is part of the Global Pandemic Report – Focus on Africa that was published and is available here The following interactive report created on the Microsoft Power BI platform engages the reader with dynamic interactive capabilities that provide insights to historical data as well as trends and forecast on the impact of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

The report provides separate perspectives on the six geo-political regions and the FCT, including analysis based on population as an important dynamic and factor in the management of the coronavirus spread and containment in Nigeria.

Data for the report has been sourced from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and is publicly available here

All efforts had been made to ensure that information presented is strictly based on the data that can be accessed from the NCDC public portal.

Note – Recent civil turbulence in the country had disrupted availability of regular updates from the NCDC portal. However, to keep the export up to date, the data displayed on the NCDC Dashboard is being utilized. For global daily updates, however, you will find interactive details in the Global Pandemic Report here:

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